Liberty Bell - The Only Constant - Boss Life


Liberty Bell is my life. Always consuming, sometimes fulfilling. The only constant and consistent thing in my life. My passion. 

I don’t possess the patience, understanding or love required to maintain friendships or relationships the way everyone else seems to be able to so easily. 

Business has always come first and I’m not sure I change that about myself.

The greater good for the entire organization is always on my mind. 


Liberty Bell Smart Home is a living breathing thing that needs to be nurtured and cared for.

Nobody cares or understands as much as I do. A small few “get it”. 

I adore those people on my team and I’m so thankful for them.

Took today off to get away and camp. Immerse myself in a good book and float in the lake. 

Going on an RV trip is an escape, a stress reliever and cheap therapy. It’s also a throwback to good times as a kid, the only time I can remember when things were “good” with mom and dad, when he wasn’t in work mode. I think that got passed down unfortunately. 

Blessing or curse, whatever you want to call it.

Till next week. Happy Friday and cheers.