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July 26, 2018/

Casey, our Business Development & Marketing Manager led a meeting the other day and the topic of blogs came up.

The group suggested I get back to blogging on our company page.

It's been almost 5 years since I've posted on the company blog. Man time flies! A lot has changed during that time.

I'm a young leader, passionate about what I do and I have a great team. When I say I have a great team, I mean the BEST. They are the ones that make Liberty Bell Smart Home successful. Our value as a company comes from THEM.

Team Photo

The title of this blog post is the new description and format for our blog page.

Subjects I'm passionate about and will be covering:


-Small Business



-Boss Life

That last one came from the title of a book I read and inspired this format I'm describing.

I couldn't put this book down. I found it incredibly relate-able as I'm learning how to manage all the pressures and responsibilities in my new role as President & CEO.

Paul Downs, the author of this book owns his own custom furniture business. At the time of writing he had been running his own custom furniture business for 24 years strong, or mostly strong. In this first book of his, Downs paints an honest portrait of a real business, with a real boss, a real set of employees, and the real challenges they face.

I like to write. It helps me process. Its enjoyable for me.

Its also cathartic at times.

Here in this blog I will be covering these topics and sharing our Journey.

I hope you will join in, follow and support along the way.