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July 26, 2018/

Casey, our Business Development & Marketing Manager led a meeting the other day and the topic of blogs came up.

The group suggested I get back to blogging on our company page.

It's been almost 5 years since I've posted on the company blog. Man time flies! A lot has changed during that time.

I'm a young leader, passionate about what I do and I have a great team. When…


Liberty Bell - The Only Constant - Boss Life


Liberty Bell is my life. Always consuming, sometimes fulfilling. The only constant and consistent thing in my life. My passion. 

I don’t possess the patience, understanding or love required to maintain friendships or relationships the way everyone else seems to be able to so easily. 

Business has always come first and I’m not sure I…


Nobody Tells you how Hard it’s going to be - Boss Life

August 11, 2018/


Nobody tells you how hard it’s going to be, running a business. Being the one that’s ultimately responsible for the success or failure of a thing that so many families count on.

People show up every week, some work hard, others don’t. Some are engaged and helpful, others aren’t. 

I guess it’s na&iu…