About Us

In 1981 our founder's family home was robbed. That tragic event gave birth to a strong vision for helping others.

We don't want anyone else to experience the vulnerable feeling we did when we were robbed. Liberty Bell Smart Home exists because we believe everyone should have a smart system in their home and business. We believe everyone should benefit from the peace of mind, comfort, and entertainment experiences a smart system provides.

We are a family business. The people on our team are very important to us. We value our people. Our value comes from THEM.

Smart Home is our Passion!



The Team 

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Sales Staff

Installation Managers

Installation Managers

Office Staff

Office Staff

Accounting Staff

Accounting Staff 2

Purchasing & Warehouse

Purchasing Dept

Rough Crew

Rough Crew

Trim & Service Crew

Trim. Service Crew

Control4 Crew